Orbit Room Casino bonus

In order to help you find your way through the different types of bonuses, but above all to avoid any disappointment, experts of Orbit Room casino will tell you what different promotional offers are and explain how they work, with the pitfalls to avoid, in order to take full advantage of the top casino promotions.

What You Get

Daily Jackpot
CA$ 100
First Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses

Let’s get straight to the heart of the matter with the bonus that is certainly one of the most interesting for those who are new to the great adventure of online slots: no deposit bonuses. This offer allows players to register in the establishment that offers it and benefit from a small amount of money to spend on the different machines.

Don’t worry if you have to enter your bank details. As long as you are on a site you trust completely, your data is protected.

Deposit Bonuses

Just like the no deposit bonus, this is an additional amount of money that is offered by the Orbit Room casino. One good thing to know is that any money offered by a casino is considered bonus money, not free money. So there are specific rules and conditions of use that must be followed. In simple terms, these are chips offered by the Orbit Room casino but only for playing certain games.

Deposit bonuses are, as the name suggests, given on the condition that a certain deposit amount is made.

Some of them, such as the Welcome Bonus or First Deposit Bonus, allow you to enjoy free casino games with bonuses, but not without first depositing money from your bank account!

As the name suggests, this offer is only applicable when the player deposits money.

Free Spins

Rather than a cash bonus, top casino promotions often come in the form of free spins. Free spins allow you to have some fun on an online slot machine without having to use your credit card, while still allowing you to win some big money.

This bonus is often offered to new players, but sometimes it is also offered to loyal customers.

The Loyalty Bonus

Since we are talking about loyal customers, they too can benefit from Orbit Room online casino bonuses to thank them for their loyalty.

These rewards are generally presented in the form of player levels to be reached (Silver, Gold, etc.), whether it be money deposited, games played, time spent on a game, or seniority in the establishment.

When these levels are reached, the player obtains gifts and privileges reserved for VIP customers such as gourmet baskets, or cash.

Bonuses: one of the main advantages of online casino

Since their arrival in the late 90s, online casinos have been able to stay one step ahead of their physical counterparts by offering bonuses and promotions for games that are largely forgotten by classic brands. From welcome bonuses to temporary promotions, virtual casinos have been able to offer attractive offers and promotions to satisfy both expert and novice players. A real advantage that can be seen in three key positive points for Canadian gamers:

  • Extra money: these bonuses and promotions allow you to start your game with extra money. Relatively high amounts that guarantee potential better winnings on the site of your choice;
  • Free games: free spins ensure free games for all players and users. A great promotion is available only after registering with a gaming site;
  • Constant promotional offers: offered by online gaming brands now guarantee constant promotions provided by platforms. Advantageous rewards that physical gaming brands do not guarantee.

What are the requirements for receiving a casino bonus?

When it comes to getting your Orbit Room casino bonus, there are different requirements to take into account to fully benefit from it. For many years, players have taken advantage of loopholes in the bonus requirements to illegally take advantage of these promotions.

Now, this period is over, allowing players to take advantage of a better bonus offer, subject to some restrictions. Indeed, it will not be possible to obtain bonuses without meeting a certain number of criteria which are listed here:

Be registered on the Orbit Room gaming site: without registration on a gaming site, it will generally only be possible for you to benefit from the no deposit bonus. Indeed, for the rest of the promotions offered, you will need to be registered on the site;

Possessing the legal age requirement: it will be imperative for you to possess the legal age requirement to continue playing with gambling bonuses. Without this feature, you will not be able to use a bonus or withdraw its contents in real money under any circumstances;

Playing from an authorized area: geographical areas determine your ability to play online and retrieve your bonus. Some countries, like Belgium, do not allow bonuses. So it’s up to you to find out before you collect these types of promotional offers;

Use only one personal account: in the case of getting your welcome bonus or any promotion, only one personal account can be used. Otherwise, the offer will be refused, forcing you to play on your single personal account.

How do i unlock a bonus at an online casino?

Orbit Room casino bonuses allow you to start playing on the platform of your choice with an additional real money amount. This is a great feature for players who will be able to unlock bonuses in just a few minutes. To do this, you will only need to follow a few defined steps that are generally common to all bonuses and promotions offered. These steps are as follows and allow all players to unlock their bonuses:

  1. Fill in your personal details in the contact form;
  2. Indicate your payment method to withdraw your bonus;
  3. Choose the desired play bonus from those offered;
  4. Retrieve your bonus code in your personal area;
  5. Play and win money with the chosen promotion!

Some bonuses will only be available once per player and per personal account. You will need to prove your identity with personal documents to demonstrate your real identity and your use of a single play bonus.