The Dealer’s Job

The dealer sits on a chair and works

The dealer is a key position in the casino. Both physical and online casinos offer opportunities to start a career as a dealer. In online casinos, it is with streaming rooms that dealers have the primary role. This is because remote casinos have electronic versions of table games, so these games only work with software. Fortunately, online games with dealers are gaining ground. Opting for a job as a dealer in a local casino or online is not quite the same. However, both are solid professions.

Online Casino Dealer: Benefits of the job

Being a dealer can be a dream job. If you are interested in this profession, you must have visited a gaming room at least once. Both men and women can enter the profession, and the age range is from 20 to 60.

Disadvantages of being a dealer

First of all, the working hours! It is difficult to have a family life or a social life when you are a croupier. Indeed, this is a job that is mostly carried out in the evening, and very often after midnight. It is of course at the weekend that you have to be ready to work. If you are willing to work as a dealer for a few years, it is worth it. The pay is high. As a professional dealer, you can easily earn an above average salary.

Working hours of the dealer

The gaming rooms are mostly full at the weekend, but there is also working during the week. What about mornings and days? That works too, but only in casinos located in places where there is non-stop activity. Typically, in large cities or places where there is an avalanche of tourists, there are players 7/24. In these busy casinos, dealers manage to keep almost normal working hours. Basically, the dealer starts work at 4 or 6 pm and finishes at 2 am. In terms of working hours, it is never more than 40 hours a week.

The dealer keeps the house running

The dealers are in direct contact with the customers and are therefore the ambassadors of the casino. While the managers of the gaming house are the bosses, the dealer has a much more important role: he deals directly with the players. The croupier is in fact the Master of the Game. He receives the customer at the table, runs the games, and controls the bets. At each game, he has to collect the losing bets, pay out the winnings, and be impeccably dressed. Of course, you have to be able to calculate in a fraction of a second and never make a mistake.

Impeccable conduct

As a croupier, you must be above reproach in every respect. Apart from a clean criminal record, the gaming house must be able to rely on your honesty. The handling of money and chips at the gaming tables is done according to strict rules. Any breach of duty will not be tolerated. In short, you must act in the interest of the gaming house.

Any attempt to steal or cheat is not an option – that’s the zero tolerance policy. A dealer who cheats is heavily punished, usually with criminal proceedings.

Social contact and psychology

The dealer is trained from the ground up by the casino. There is no better place to become an outstanding professional than at a casino. Nothing is left to chance, whether it is with customers or colleagues. In other words, the dealer must be a class act, never make a mistake, and never overstep the mark. Keeping a smile without being casual is crucial. Good morale and a strong mental attitude is the basis of the job. The fact that one cannot predict the attitudes of the players makes it vital that the dealer can cope with any scenario.

The dealer’s games

In a land-based casino or online casino, the dealer is trained in all table games. He knows the rules and winning tricks of all casino games. He must also know the variations of each game. Blackjack and live roulette are the most important games, followed by baccarat and poker. The training of these games is taken care of by the casinos. Training courses lasting several weeks are provided for this purpose. The same applies to the attitudes to adopt with the players. There is never any improvisation at the tables. Even long-time dealers have to undergo annual training in order to stay on top of their game.

Salary Schedule

Salaries for Canadian dealers vary depending on the experience of the employee and the province. However, a national average has been established that can be used as a benchmark. The trainee dealer often starts with a monthly salary of C$2000. The training period lasts from one to three months depending on the rules of each house. After the training period, the salary increases from C$2,500 to C$2,800 over a period of 12 months. After more than a year in the casino, the salary rises to almost C$3500 per month. Experienced dealers are often rewarded with a salary of more than C$5000 per month. Salaries in online casinos are slightly higher to compensate for the loss of tips. After looking at the job offers in Canada, the highest salaries are in Montreal. The famous Montreal Casino complex is the place to be as a dealer.

Online Croupier – Canada and more

In Canada, there are employment options on casino platforms. The provinces that hire in this niche are Quebec and Ontario. If you are willing to travel, the best career opportunities are in England, Gibraltar, and Europe. In countries outside of Canada, it is easy to work your way up to become a floor manager.


If there is one job that pays off with tips, it is the croupier. It is obviously in land-based casinos that players are the most generous. However, it is not at an online casino that the dealer can rely on tips. In fact, many remote casinos do not allow players to give anything to the dealers. In this area, it is only logical to recommend the job of a dealer in a real casino.

Tips are income and should normally be declared to the tax authorities. In practice, a Canadian croupier declares a small part of the tips, and the taxman does not pay attention to it.

Does a dealer keep all his tips? No, there is a common dealer pot, and each week redistribution is made. Senior dealers logically receive a larger share than younger dealers.